Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Taking a Break


It is with heavy heart that I have to lay my shield down. Life is getting too busy to commit to raiding anything serious right now, and I know that means I won't be able to maintain the blog either. We've had a great run, and I want to thank all of my readers, haters, shield brothers and sisters. I had never ran a blog before, and didn't really ever use twitter. I think I've gotten a lot better and learned a ton about social networking, which has been a huge boon in my IT career.

I always come back to this game's serious raiding side, so once I do, if I'm going to blog, I'll be sure to tweet about it a lot. I'll probably be playing some non-serious 10man raiding here and there with RL friends but nothing to blog about :p.


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Glad Buffs on PTR


We've got a few nice buffs on PTR coming in. I think these are changes in the right direction, but they aren't the difference between going Glad and Fury for progression on Mythic Fel Lord. At least I don't think so. I'll be doing my usual testing in SimC once I either figure out how to do spell.overrides properly or Collision updates our stuff.

6% Damage increases for:

Shield Slam

I talked on our Glad thread on the wow board about this a bit more at length and did a copy paste incase you don't use them. Someone suggested a buff to gladstance instead, and while that would be more damage overall, I'm happy with the INTENT in these buffs:

Buffs to the abilities themselves are way better now, than flat shield charge or gladstance buffs. My reasoning is simply that all of the abilities damage comes from our gear ( AP for R/SS ) and ( AP/Weapon Damage for Revenge ). One of the reasons glad looks so good at 700 ilvl is because a lot of our damage comes from nowhere. Putting damage on the abilities that tie to the gear is nice, get better gear > scale better. Just like other DPS classes.

I also wish HS was included. We already have had a ton of damage put right onto the stance/spec but I welcome this tiny little buff. I did some napkin math and i'm only seeing 3-4% dps increase. But i'm waiting on this being built into simcraft before I did in too deep.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

ASKMRROBOT Stat Weights!

Hello Gladiators,

AskMrRobot has always been an extremely useful tool to our community and i'm happy to say that he has requested the input of theorycrafters on getting some of our opinions on stat weights. Check it out!

That's right, you can use my BIS Stat weights for your toons right on AskMrRobot. I actually subscribe to the site so I often use the weights to do a "best in bags" comparison when I have a lot of options in gear. What I also love is the export to Simcraft capability. So you can import your toon, then export the sim profile to work out your maximum dps very easily.

I'm working on getting them tweaked to make sure we're hitting that first haste cap ( 13% buffed )

Cyc Out!

Monday, June 22, 2015

In a Fit of Rage, Part 2

Hello Gladiators,

I did another terrible poem. I thought you might get a kick out of it.

From the Forums: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/18194052060?page=1#0

"In a fit of Rage Pt 2"

Twas the night before Hellfire
All through the WOW boards,
Telling Glad, Go join a choir!
But we want shields with our swords!

The mythic race is coming!
Glad Buffs nowhere to be found.
Fury damage will be stunning!
Why even keep us around?

Raid Lead said Fury,
Arms for cleave, or the bench
We're F5'ing in a hurry
Our wrists starts to clench.

We've been waiting for a year
A Patch where we can race
Shield Maidens and Brothers near
Looking Fury Face to Face

Glads got the APM of the Gods
Could be dropping Nydus Worms
F5'ing against the Odds
Instead Fury's dishing Burns

Carpel Tunnel is coming,
That's okay, it's free rage
Lack of Feedback is numbing
Someday we'll have the stage.

6.3 They'll realize the mistake
After the race is said and done
But our shield wall won't break
Even if nerfs blot out the sun.

Nerf Patch Buff
Damage PVP Survival
Cry Huff and Puff
This is the warrior cycle.

In a Fit of Rage Pt 1: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/9573279186

- Cyc Out

Monday, June 15, 2015

Slowing Down Until 7.0

Hello Gladiators,

I'm going to take a break from slow down blogging about Gladstance. The recent Q&A by the Blizz dev's didn't address any of the Gladiator issues, and while I feel like we're not being completely neglected, I'm not happy with the direction. They did buff us recently, and then tune it a few times. But you all know I'm not happy until we're taking part in Mythic progression.

Right now it looks like if you have the right gear for Glad, and the wrong gear for Fury, you're okay to go Glad for single target in Mythic HFC. MAYBE some of the fights where multidotters shine ( something like Blast Furnace ) would be nice for us as well, since there will be a lot of spread out targets up for a long time, to allow thunderclap and deep wounds to do a lot of work for us. So I'm hopeful we see a few Glad's here an there. But in Heroic Difficulty, go ham. Glad is perfectly fine for Heroic.

I'll probably be back with the 7.0 changes and will always be around on twitter.

Keep in Touch,


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

6.2 Gladiator Guide ( Updated 7/6/2015 )

6.2 Gladiator Guide

Recent changes to our spec has resulted in some changes to how we should gear, talents we want, and our rotation.This is meant to be a matter of fact, simple, guide for how to play as Glad in 6.2.


685-715 ilvl
Strength > Bonus Armor/Attack Power > Haste to 13% Buffed > Crit > Multistrike > Mastery > Vers > Haste after 13% buffed.

730 ilvl BIS
Wdps > Strength > AP/BonusArmor > Haste to 13% Buffed > Crit > Multistrike > Vers > Mastery > Haste after 13% Buffed.


730ilvl Mythic BIS :


Stat Weights

6.2 Gladiator T17/18 @ 700 ilvl. This build is fine all the way to Mythic HFC gear.
Scale Factors for T17 @ 700 ilvl BIS
·         Wdps > Str > AP ~= BonusArmor > Crit > Mult ~> Mastery > Vers > Haste

6.2 Gladiator @ 730 ilvl BIS
Scale Factors for T18 @ 730 ilvl BIS
·         Wdps ~= Str > AP ~= BonusArmor > Crit > Mult > Vers > Mastery > Haste

Update 7/1/2015!
Note that the trinket you're wearing greatly affects your stat weights. We should shoot for either Anzu and Drinking Horn. Whereas Worldbreakers Class Trinket favors Mastery more than Versatility.

HFC Talent Guide

On All Fights: Unyielding Strikes

Hellfire Assault : Dragon Roar/Bladestorm/Rude Interruptions
Iron Reaver : Dragon Roar/Avatar
Kormrok - Dragon Roar/Bladestorm
High Council - Dragon Roar/Bloodbath
Gorefiend - Stormbolt/Avatar ( I prefer the stormbolt stuns when you're in the stomach )/Rude Interruptions
Socrethar - Dragon Roar/Avatar/Rude Interruptions
Velhari - Dragon Roar / Bloodbath / Rude Interruptions
Fel Lord Zakuun - Dragon Roar / Bloodbath
Xhul'Thorac - Dragon Roar/Bladestorm/Rude Interruptions
Iskar - Dragon Roar/Bladestorm
Mannoroth - Dragon Roar/Bloodbath/Rude Interruptions
Archimonde - Dragon Roar/Avatar/Rude Interruptions

this is a work in progress!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Patch 6.2 Gladiator Changes


We have an exciting tier coming around the corner. Along with it are a few changes to the way Gladiators do damage, which happens to be buffs. What's also exciting is I am now in a Mythic raiding guild ( Real Talk on US Kil'Jaeden ) and will be able to actually play this spec if progression allows for it. Unfortunately, we're still not top dog on the meters, but we are definitely an option in 6.2. I don't expect mythic guilds pushing the edge of progression will be using a Glad DPS, but I expect we'll see a lot more play than we did in BRF. Glad continues to be a niche, in that it's behind Fury and Arms. Also, Blizzard continues to be on different sides of the commitment they made, saying " glad should be competitive with fury/arms." I actually tweeted Lore once who didn't even know it was supposed to be a real spec. They said that so many times during Beta, I believed it. I might be a bit salty, but that's just because I'm haven't been in the shield wall enough with my fellow gladiators :)

6.2 Gladiator Changes ( from wowhead ):

Hotfixes ( updated June 2nd )

We've received a buff in the form of a increase in the amount of mastery we receive, from our gear. This is linked to gladiator stance and will definitely help as this is our attuned stat. My own simming however doesn't show it to be our best stat, yet. Note that June 2nd this was increased another 20% to total at 50% more mastery from gear. Time to re-check everything. I'm going to post a Gladiator 6.2 guide soon!